We have developed the following charities support over the years.  As can be seen, these are charities that serve the spiritual, physical, and political aspects of life.  We believe that these charities are all supporting principals that are upheld by Scripture, and all fall within the mission statement of New Hope Ministries in general.  While we may not agree on every point of every doctrine with some of these ministries, they are all bearing "good fruit" and in my estimation all are worthy of support.

I have grouped in alphabetical order at the top of the page the twelve primary ministries which the New Hope Ministries supports with regular, monthly contributions.  The others are very worthwhile ministries also and receive support on a less regular basis.

Ten Primary Charities
(Alphabetical Order)

Alliance Defense Fund.  This is a legal defense fund that promotes the legal rights of one of the last organizations still targeted for special persecution - the Christian Church.  They have promoted 134 precedent-setting victories since 1994, including several important favorable rulings at the U.S. Supreme Court.  ADS has supported challenges to local ordinances that give special rights to homosexual partners of city employees in Arlington, Virginia; Atlanta; Chicago; the Madison School District in Wisconsin, and Minneapolis.  They have trained 350 attorneys to go into courtrooms across America and win for Christian values.  They have helped defect attempts to homosexuals to redefine the family to gain custody of children, supported important parental rights cases, among other victories.

American Family Association - Called "America's largest pro-family online action site" this site has been at the forefront of protecting families and religious liberties from the onslaught of political correctness and liberal "progressive" agendas.  This site is primarily a news organization presenting Christians news concerning issues important to us which are frequently neglected by the liberal news media.

Boy Scouts of America - The Boy Scouts have taken a lot of criticism lately for their stand on morality. It would seem as though many of those criticizing this organization forget that its roots are in Christian morality - and that it is now standing firm on this foundation!  Unfortunately, the rights of a private organization to enforce certain morality upon those in leadership positions had to be decided by the Supreme Court.  Because of its courageous stand against allowing all forms of "morality" within its organization, there has been a concerted effort by those offended to restrict funding from public funds, and the United Way - certainly a bastion of "tolerance," has removed this organization from those it funds.  The Boy Scouts deserves better, and receives some of my charity spending for the excellent work it does to support morality and citizenship in our young men.

Christian Research Institute.  This Christian apologetic organization presents arguments for the Christian gospel - that it is the true Gospel of Christ.  The site promotes fundamentalism, and provides arguments against atheism, agnosticism, humanism, New Age philosophies, and "tolerance."  Additionally, they present a truly first rate journal called, The Christian Research Journal, that promotes these philosophies in a written format.

Coral Ridge Ministries.  This is a ministry that speaks to the religious and political needs of this country.  Theirs is a three-purpose ministry:

Introducing People to Jesus Christ - preaching and teaching God's Word through the media, including radio, television, and the printed word.
Nurturing and Encouraging Christians - Assisting Christians in their spiritual growth by providing video, audio, printed resources, and prayer to help strengthen them in a closer walk with God.
Reforming the Culture - Protecting religious liberty and America's Christian heritage by encouraging the application of biblical principles to all spheres of our culture and to all of life.

Feed the Children - This organization probably does more to help feed the hungry than any other private hunger fighting organization.  In the United States in 2000, they delivered more than 97 million pounds of food and basic resources to children and their families.  It is still hard to believe - but painfully true, that there are hungry children in the United States today, and this is particularly true since the tragedy of Sept. 11th.  Since that time, the economy of the United States stumbled and thousands upon thousands of families found themselves without an income.  Despondent families fell apart and the innocent children who are left are without food.  This is a wonderful organization that can really stretch every dollar you give because of efficiency and its connections.  The majority of the food distributed is donated by corporate sponsors, including many of America's leading farmers and food processors.  Since much of the food has already been provided, all the organization needs to do is to pick it up and deliver it to wherever people are hungry and in need.

Focus on the Family.  Focus on the Family is one of my favorite organizations because it promotes Christian, family values in a non-threatening way.  They have sites for boys, girls, teenagers, adults, physicians, and other special interest groups.  In addition to a Web site, they also have free literature they can send to your house, or special help areas when you are in critical need.

National Right to Life - This organization is near and dear to me personally; as a physician, I can never condone the taking of life - especially the life of helpless unborn infants for the sake of convenience of their parents.  Children belong to the Lord, and not to the parents; we were all bought with a price and belong to Him.  It is untenable to condone the taking of life just minutes prior to birth (the horrific practice of "partial birth abortion"), while criminalizing the murder of the same infant just after being born.  It is the same infant, the only difference being its position in the birth canal.  In recognition of this philosophically indefensible position, some have even condoned the murder of infant until they are brought home to the parent's house, thereby defining life as beginning when the infant crosses the threshold of their parent's house.  Hopefully, at least the new Congress and President will abolish the most heinous forms of abortion while working toward the turnover of Roe v Wade itself.

Reasons to Believe.  This is one of my personally favorite sites as it deals with the reasons why Christians can believe what they do from the scientific aspect.  This site presents scientific evidence for an old (not new) earth, for the existence of the Big Bang and what it means to Christians, among other many fascinating facts.

World Vision - This is a wonderful Christian organization that is concerned with the physical as well as the spiritual needs of mankind.  Here, it is possible to sponsor a hungry child in the Third World who might otherwise go hungry and never hear the story of God's grace through Jesus Christ.  You can help out financially in an emergency, increase water availability throughout the world, and get Scriptures into the hands of people who have never heard of Christ.

It is estimated that there are at least 385 million people who speak languages that have no available scripture.

The proportion of the world's hungry has dropped from one-third to one-fifth since 1970 through the work of agencies such as World Vision.

John Hagee Ministry.  This is an interesting ministry.  Unlike most Christian ministries that deal with many issues relating to the Christian faith, this site deals primarily with eschatology - the part of Christianity dealing with the future second coming of Christ.

Liberty Counsel.  This is a legal defense organization that engages the ACLU and other liberal organizations in the defense of religious liberties throughout the United States.

Falwell Ministries - Jerry Falwell - you either hate him or love him - there is little middle ground.  No matter how you might feel about this man, his ministries are truly astounding for the impact they have had locally and nationally.  He is chancellor of a great University - Liberty University - founded upon a mountain in Virginia, founder of multiple teen pregnancy centers, and pastor of a very large Baptist Church.  Come look at his ministry and decide for yourself if this man isn't worth supporting.

Christian Coalition - This is a group that is well known to many Americans as the political arm of conservative evangelical Christians.  While not all would agree with the aim and mission of the Christian Coalition, this organization has definitely made a difference in the political landscape of America.  I believe the Lord has called Americans to take political responsibility in America; to be "Christian soldiers" and to fight for that which is right.

Jews for Jesus.  The name says it all.  This is a primary site for those Jewish people who have come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.  It is important to recognize that one can be a Jew - and still be a Christian!  But, this is still a rare occurrence for of the over 13 million Jewish people in the world today, less than 1% know the Messiah.  The Jews are still God's "chosen people" through whom the Messiah was given, and through whom the world may be saved.  Peace will not come to Israel through negotiations of treaty, but only when the Lord comes again to save Israel from her enemies.

Jesse DuPlantis Ministries - This is a dynamic, very positive and upbeat ministry to Christians, including cruises, special conferences, and meetings to strengthen the Christian in their everyday walk.  The Voice of the Covenant magazine is the main literary product of this ministry, and is quite good and very presentable.  The main message of this very focused ministry is to share God's message of salvation through Christ to the world.

Apple of His Eye - This is another Christian ministry especially for the Jewish world, founded in 1973 by the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.  They have a good Web site which explains their ministry to the Jewish people, the origin of this work, and their need for continued financial support.

Plain Truth Ministries - This is a nonsectarian organization that publishes the Plain Truth Magazine.  This magazine has become one of the more respected evangelical Christian magazines in the country today.  Originally, it was given away at newscounters and on street corners but now is by subscription only. presents a list of water-related sites including governmental, non-governmental, and educational institutions. lists interesting information regarding water, learning modules, and activities for the classroom.

The American Center for Law and JusticeThe ACLJ engages in litigation, provides legal services, renders advice and counsels clients, and supports attorneys who are involved in defending the religious and civil liberties of Americans.

Utah Missions - This is one of the older ministries to Mormons, started about 35 years ago by John L. Smith, and now directed by Michael Reynolds (an employee of the Southern Baptist Convention).  This organization puts out a newspaper called The Evangel which presents the latest news regarding the LDS Church, as well as evangelistic articles.  This organization also is known as SHIELDS - Scholarly and Historical Information Exchange for Latter-Day Saints.

The American Center has a national network of attorneys who are committed to the defense of Judeo-Christian values. We also cooperate with other organizations that are committed to a similar mission, and serve the public through educational efforts regarding First Amendment and religious freedom issues as well as pro-family and pro-life concerns.