Everybody has their favorite links - places to go on the Internet where there is a treasure trove of interesting information, beautiful art, music, and almost anything else of interest.  With a link, you can instantly point to even the most complicated Web Page address instantly.  Also, when links are on the Internet, they can be accessed instantly from any computer throughout the world with access making your links much more accessible than on a "favorites" menu on a home computer.

These are some of the most interesting Web sites for me; several in the sciences, government, religion, world news, etc.  Also, for those of us who want to go on an "information hunt" what a better place to go than to the Internet - and what a better place to start than the Digital Librarian.  This site changes all the time, and represents instant access to virtually any information you may wish to acquire.

So, come here frequently for there will be changes as I am able to make them.  And, if anybody has a favorite that they would like listed here (remember, a "family site"!), then by all means send me an e-mail!