Midnight - a Labrador mix whose bark and demeanor should threaten any would-be thief who should come his way.  Unfortunately, he also threatens the neighbors when he manages to get outside the house without being adequately restrained.


Midnight is a Labrador mix - the reason for his name is obvious.  He and Checkers are a pair - we got them both when they were very young strays in the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, Midnight has never seemed to like adult men - me especially!  He is a very good watch dog, and even though he has never bitten anyone, his bark and growl should put some fear into any potential thief or robber who should venture into our neighborhood. 

However, he also does tend to run with Checkers should they get outside the house without being secured.  They will run throughout Heathwood, the housing development where we live, and generally scare and threaten anybody who should come their way.  Most people who live near us know their bark is worse than their bite and they are generally harmless; however, we have one neighbor in particular who for some reason seems threatened by the animals and has actually complained to the local police!