Making an Appointment

You have decided that you - or your loved one - might have a sleep disorder, and that you want to take the next step.  We are pleased you have decided to find out what might be wrong and to deal decisively with your problem.  There are two main ways to access our services:

Call us Directly

You can call us directly at 931-528-7449 to discuss your problem and make an appointment for further evaluation.  We generally do sleep studies overnight - any day of the week.  Daytime sleep studies can be arranged depending upon your preference and work schedule.  Shift workers who work at night and sleep during the day should have daytime sleep tests performed for the best results. 

We will take your basic information and ask you questions about your sleep history, insurance information, and other pertinent subjects.

We'll schedule you for a sleep study and send you a packet of information you will need to fill out in advance including application forms, sleep diary, medical history, etc.  This information will help us to process your application quickly once you arrive.

Physician Referral

Depending upon your insurance, a physician referral may be needed.  This referral may be from your primary care physician or a specialist who will determine whether you might need a sleep study.  We will then send your physician a referral form that will help expedite the process and allow us to set up the appropriate sleep test that your physician believes is needed.

Then, we will work closely with your physician to provide further detailed information and determine a course of action.

Either way, if you need a sleep test we can generally arrange for you to have one in one or two weeks based upon your schedule and personal needs.

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