We have been globetrotting together since we started dating in 2009.  He had quite a head start on me, having traveled to places like London, Paris, Vienna, Casablanca, Alaska, and Munich.  He thought I needed to add some places to mytravel resume so we became travel buddies pretty much right off.  In 2010, a year after we started up as a couple, he proposed in Egypt on the steps of the Great Pyramid, and we got married in Jamaica two years later.

Both of us hail from North Florida.  I’m a University of Georgia grad and David is an alumnus of the University of Virginia.  We also have a dog whose formal name is Arya but answers to Dog.

We particularly enjoy helping other people see the beauty of God’s creation and how we can enjoy the beauty while helping to save it for future generations.  We have developed a travel company where we help other couples enjoy the fun we have found in traveling to other cultures, different cuisines, and most of all different friends.

We also enjoy exploring the history of places we fisit as it adds context to the various cultures and helps provide understanding among different peoples throughout the world.